Irwin’s Guardian Stud

The Irwin’s Guardian Livestock Guardian Dog Breeding Facility was named in recognition and in honour of Steve Irwin and the support provided by the Irwin family of the Australia Zoo. The breeding facility is located at the Green Dogs Conservation property close to Alldays in Limpopo Province and has now been operating successfully for a number of years providing livestock guardian dog puppies for placement on farms within the cheetah range in South Africa. Green Dogs Conservation actively manages the project on behalf of the Cheetah Outreach Trust. There are 6 Anatolian Shepherd Dog breeding dogs at the facility, 3 males (Delarey, Morrisen and Torres) and three females (Garland, Gem and Tiaki). Ultra Dog provides feeding support to the breeding dogs and puppies at the facility and Virbac South Africa provides the necessary vaccinations and deworming for the breeding dogs and puppies at the facility and after their placements on farms.