Our Projects

free-roaming cheetah census

The Cheetah Outreach Trust  in partnership with Ashia Cheetah Conservation, the University of Stellenbosch, and the University of Groningen, has embarked on a Free-Roamng Cheetah Census Project.

Livestock Guarding Dog Project

The goal of the project is to mitigate human-wildlife conflict on livestock farms within the current cheetah distribution range by placing Anatolian Livestock guardian dogs on farms to assist farmers in protecting livestock from predation. 

Irwin’s Guardian Stud

The Irwin’s Guardian Livestock Guarding Dog Breeding Facility was named in recognition and in honour of Steve Irwin and the support of the Irwin family of the Australia Zoo.


The Cheetah Outreach Trust’s education programme is a community-based, curriculum-linked series of interactive presentations offered in house at the Cheetah Outreach facility.

Research & Monitoring

Our field officers put up camera traps on identified localities within the cheetah range in areas where Livestock guardian dogs are placed and also in other areas of the cheetah range to monitor the presence and absence of cheetah and other large predators in key areas on farmland areas as a long term montoring project.

farmer-predator co-existence

The Cheetah Outreach Trust uses the cheetah as a flagship specie to promote co-existence of predators on farmland areas and the main focus remains the conservation of the free roaming cheetah on farmland areas in South Africa.